Wine appreciation for beginners

Wine is part of us: let’s get to know it

Drinking responsibly

Wine was always a part of our history, and during the pandemic, it often became one of our best friends.
Let’s get to know it better!

  • How to choose a wine?
  • How to pair food and wine?
  • Which wine should I bring to a dinner party?
  • Which wine best suits our taste?
  • Becoming wine
  • What differentiates traditional, organic,
    biodynamic and natural wines?


Approaching the world of wine

The course will lead you to an understanding of the concepts and introductory techniques to tasting.
Participants will learn to analyze the organoleptic components of wine, the importance of the term “Terroir” and will finally lead you to better understand your personal tastes and the diversity of the main types and styles of wine.
Each meeting includes the tasting of 3 different types of wine in relation to the topic discussed

The wines of Italy

This course has been designed for those people who already have a basic but sufficient knowledge of the wine world. Particular emphasis is placed on observing the main Italian indigenous grape varieties and their respective wine regions of origin.
Comparative tastings will help you better understand the characteristics and profiles of wines from the main Italian territories and grape varieties.

The course will illustrate the immense wine richness of the region. By highlighting, at the same time, the wine regions, the types and styles of wine that best represent the tradition but also the future of Tuscany Vitivinicola.
The course also includes a general introduction to tasting techniques.
Each meeting includes the tasting of 3 different types of wine in relation to the topic discussed.

The course will give the opportunity to visit the most representative “Terroir” of the so-called Old World countries: France, Spain, Portugal and Germany. Particular attention will be paid to the most famous areas and grape varieties of our cousins ​​from beyond the Alps, discovering Burgundy, Bordeaux, Champagne, the Loire and Alsace.
The comparative tastings will make you discover the main European wine styles, highlighting the different organoleptic characteristics linked to their territories of belonging.

Additional information

Target audience

My courses are for everyone (over 18) with a healthy curiosity and respect for the world of wine and for other people

Where and when

Courses are held in the wonderful offices of Nana Bianca in Piazza del Cestello.
There is no fixed timetable; reach out to me and let’s choose our path together.

Course characteristics

Courses include 5 basic modules, each class session. Each meeting lasts 2 hours. During the sessions, you will have the opportunity to taste wines from the most prestigious wineries in Italy, Europe and the new world: Ferrari; Castle of Fonterutoli; Ceretto; and many others.

18 years of experience in international education

I am proud of my experience as a wine educator.
I started in 2004 when I discovered a wonderful profession, and over the years I acquired the best teaching techniques.
My thirst for knowledge makes me discover and deepen new themes and stimulates me to pursue continuous improvement.
My latest challenge: a university degree in Gastronomy, Territories and Hospitality with a specialization in Enology

Do you want to start or deepen your knowledge on the world of wine? Contact me